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      Our Commitment to Diversity


      At VMware, we are committed to an effective supplier diversity program that demonstrates measurable improvement, is consistent with contractual expectations of our clients, and aligns with key industry objectives.?

      This corporate commitment extends to the sourcing of all goods and services throughout our supply chain that create opportunities for more diverse businesses. In partnership with our diverse suppliers, we will continue to contribute to long-term economic sustainability in the communities where we live and work.

      Zane Rowe, CFO

      Mission and Vision

      VMware is committed to providing opportunities to a supplier base as diverse as the communities where we live, work and serve. We will strive to actively seek contract opportunities with diverse suppliers who meet our high standards for products and services.?


      Our Supplier Diversity Initiative

      We are committed to diversity in all aspects of our organization. We embrace diversity through our employees, our suppliers and partners we work with, our customers, and the communities in which we work and live.?


      Our Supplier Diversity initiative encompasses all of VMware’s business in the United States. The Supplier Diversity program maintains a list of diverse suppliers and seeks out potential suppliers through benchmarking, supplier diversity council events and databases.?


      How to participate in VMware’s Supplier Diversity Program

      VMware Supplier Diversity requires that you be registered with us as a certified diverse business enterprise prior to reaching out for assistance with the Supplier Diversity team. Once you have determined how your business will align with VMware’s strategic business objectives, utilize the form to request registration:



      The following certifications are accepted:

      • NMSDC?– National Minority Supplier Development Council
      • All NMSDC Regional Councils
      • WBENC?– Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
      • All WBENC Regional Councils
      • NGLCC?– National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (LGBT)
      • SBA?– Small Business Association / Self Verification Forms through SBA
      • NaVOBA?– National Veteran (Disabled Vet) Owned Business Association?


      Before you register, make sure you have an accepted certification and a capabilities statement has been sent to?SupplierDiversity@VMware.com.?


      Please review the below VMware Supplier Code of Conduct before registering.


      Register with VMware’s Supplier Diversity program. COMING SOON ***


      Questions & Comments

      Send us an e-mail if you have questions or comments regarding Supplier Diversity.?


      VMware is a Corporate Member at following councils:

      • NMSDC?– National Minority Supplier Development Council
      • WBENC?– Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
      • WBCSouthwest?– Women’s Business Council Southwest
      • WRMSDC?– Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council
      • SBA?– Small Business Association